Dimensional Graphics

3D graphics can make a big statement or just add the right touch to your interior branding project. Make your logo, slogan, vision statement or corporate values standout.

Combined with wall graphics or printed wall coverings, 3D graphics can also call attention to key areas of your display.

Dimensional graphics are produced from a variety of materials and thicknesses for interior and exterior use.  Most commonly used is brushed aluminum or painted acrylic with spacers.  Get inspired by visiting our showroom to view a selection of available samples.







Laser Cut Acrylic
Formed Plastic
Injection Molded
Laminated Acrylic & Foam

Available in many standard pigmented colors or painted to your specifications, we have the widest offering of plastic pigments and thicknesses.

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Flat Cut Metal
Cast Metal
Fabricated Metal

We offer the widest range of metal alloys, finishes, and gauges. Our available metals include Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Brass, Copper, and Core-Ten® steel.

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Face Lit
Halo Lit

Formed plastic, fabricated stainless steel, and fabricated aluminum graphics with LED lighting can be produced in a variety of colors and finishes.

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3M VHB Adhesive



Flush Stud Mount



Stud Block Combo



PS-30 Solvent


Design. Produce. Install.

Take your graphics to another dimension.